How to Become a Good Goalkeeper

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Goalkeepers are part of a soccer team and their main duties are parrying balls away and protecting the goal area. Goalkeepers mainly play defense even though some goalkeepers can be offensive at times. In order to become a good goalkeeper or one of the best goalkeepers in the world, you need to;


  • Grow tall. Growing tall is very important if you want to become a great goalkeeper like Edwin Van Der Sar, Gianluigi Buffon, Iker Casillas, Petr Cech, Marco Amelia and Artur Boruc. Drink a lot milk and you’ll get the calcium for growing and developing healthy, strong bones. Milk will improve your chances of actually growing tall.
  • If you are tall and a goalkeeper, you will have know problems saving shots aimed at the goal area. This is why it’s important to be a tall goalie if that is a position you play or fancy playing in the future.
  • Also have a good eyesight. You cannot be slightly blind if you want to become a goalkeeper. Make sure you have no difficulties seeing things which are far away from you.
  • You need to make sure you aren’t suffering from myopia. Having a 20/20 vision will only help you to detect balls when they are belted at you.
  • Now, you need to have good speed as a goalkeeper because basically you will be guarding a very long goal. You will have to move from side to side and having maximum speed will certainly help you to move and snuff out attacks properly. You will develop good speed if you run everyday including when you aren’t on the training field. Run when you are at home.
  • Learn how to pass properly. You will receive passes from defenders at times and you will have to return the ball back to them. You cannot be giving balls to the opponents as a goalkeeper hence it is important to learn how to pass the ball well. You will learn how to execute both long and short passes with your teammates during training sessions. Always practice with the defenders so that you can communicate with them well the next time you are playing an exhibition match.
  • Develop good aerial ability. This is something Artur Boruc, Gianluigi Buffon and Edwin Van Der Sar are very good at so they are able to fist balls away. You need to learn how to jump all the time. Jumping improves your aerial ability effectively.
  • Understand that goalkeepers get better as time goes on. Do not be despaired if you’re a young goalkeeper and you are not performing really well. You will get better as you receive good nurturing from an excellent soccer coach.

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