How to Change Your Gmail Account Information

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Updating your Gmail account is fast and easy but not a lot of people who use the services of Gmail know how to update their account information. Follow the steps below and you will be able to update your Gmail account details now within a few seconds without going through troubles.


  • Fundamentally, you will have to log on to the Google website if you want to update your Gmail account information. Once you are on the website of Google. click on Gmail immediately. Gmail may be found on top of the Google website so it’s possible you can easily see it.
  • After you have clicked on Gmail, use your username and password to sign into your email account promptly. If you can log into your account successfully, click on “settings.” After you have clicked on settings, you need to click on “accounts.” Do you see accounts?
  • Scroll down and click on the link which states “Google account settings.” Do you see the link? It is very visible and you should see it clearly. A new page will be opened just moments you click on Google account settings.
  • Click on “edit.” The link which states edit may actually be located under your email address. Do you see it? You will be taken to a new page if you click on edit. Make sure you update your account information and click on “save” afterward. Basically, if you click on save, you are done with modifying your Gmail account information. Updating your Gmail account information is as simple as updating a Yahoo Mail account details.



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