How to Convert Decimals to Ratios

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Converting or changing decimals to ratios can be very tricky sometimes. Not a lot of nursing students find it easy to calculate basic math calculations in nursing school. I will help you to solve math by converting decimals to ratios in a quick and easy manner.

To be able to actually change decimals to a ratio without ample troubles, you nee to understand that when switching decimals to ratios, percentages cannot be overlooked. You will convert decimals to ratios by writing decimals as percentages first.

Hence, if you had to change 0.25 as a decimal number to a ratio, you will have to change 0.25 to a percentage first by writing; 0.25 and moving the decimal point to two decimal places to the right.

Do you understand? A percentage is actually 100% so that means you will move the decimal point by two places or you can just multiply 0.25 by 100 to produce the right percentage.

So, you will in no doubt produce 25% after switching the decimal point which is written as 25 / 100. Now you have a nice fraction which can be deciphered into a perfect decimal number without problems.

Perform a division of 25 / 100 by making the 25 as a numerator and the 100 a denominator. You will reduce the fraction to 1 / 4 by using the number 5 to decipher 25 / 100 so that the lowest term of numbers are gotten.

The ratio would be written as 1 : 4. This 1 : 4 is your answer when 0.25 is changed to a ratio.

You should now know how to convert decimals to ratios easily after reading everything here.

Tips & Warnings

  • During the fractions, I reduced 25 / 100 to its lowest term which became 1 / 4.


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