How to Speak Scouse

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Scousers speak Scouse. Scouse is a good accent. If you want to learn how to speak Scouse do not hide yourself indoors trying to sound Scouse. There are of course simple ways of learning how to speak a dialect like Scouse.

Full Hints

  • Get ready to fly to England. The United Kingdom is where you are going to find Scousers. There are lots of Scousers living in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. If you can fly to England, make sure you head to the north west part of England. Head to Liverpool, England. Liverpool is a place you will find Scousers. Scousers support English soccer teams like Everton football club and Liverpool football club precisely. Make sure that you make some friends when you arrive and you’ll probably learn enough Scouse.
  • If you live with Scousers, you can of course learn how to speak Scouse. Do not be shy when asking people who hail from Liverpool to teach you how to speak Scouse. Speaking Scouse is not very easy but anyone can learn Scouse.
  • To give you an example of how Scouse sounds, I have uploaded a video of native Scouser Jamie Carragher quarreling with a radio presenter. Jamie Carragher and Steve Gerrard are all Scousers who play football for Liverpool. While you may not understand Scouse, I must cite that it’s not the same for everyone. Just listen to the interview and you will have a clue of how Scouse sounds. You will probably notice that an h is never pronounced in Scouse hence have is actually ave. Do you understand?

Tips & Warnings

  • Scousers can be known as Liverpudlians


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