How to Use Mail Forwarding With Optimum Online

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Cablevision is a big telecommunications company. Also, the company is a media and entertainment company. Cablevision’s Optimum Online gives you a chance to have email accounts once you use subscribe to their internet service. If you want to use the mail forwarding feature that an Optimum Online email account can give its user, follow the steps below. Take note that you will need an email address from Gmail, MSN Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or any other email service provider before you can receive mails you forward from your Optimum Online email account.

Before you can turn on the mail forwarding feature Optimum Online email accounts have, you need to be a customer of the company’s internet service. Firstly, make sure you log on to the website of Optimum Online. I have listed the website address below so you can scroll down for it.

Once you are logged on to the website of Optimum Online, click on “check E-mail.” Do you see the link? A new page will be shown shortly you click on check E-mail.

With your Optimum ID and password, sign into your email account promptly. If you have forgotten your Optimum ID, click on “forgot ID” and follow the instructions otherwise sign into your email account without clicking on that link.

Click on “options” once you are signed into your email account. Do you see options? Consequently, click on “mail.” Do you see mail? Click on settings afterward.

Scroll down and locate the section which lists “mail forwarding.” Observes the box next to “enable forwarding.” Select enable forwarding.

Locate the section which states “email address.” You will type your email address into the space there and click on “null.” So, if your email address is, that is what you will type into the space which is placed next to null. Click on “save” and you are done.

The mail forwarding feature will be working the moment you click on save.

Tips & Warnings

  • Optimum online is not as powerful as Gmail or Yahoo Mail.
  • You will no longer have to check your Optonline email account for emails once you turn on the mail forwarding feature because they will be forwarded to your specified email address.


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