How to Drink Prune Juice (Constipation)

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If you are still sitting in front of your laptop for 10 hours a day, you will suffer from constipation unless you are drinking enough prune juice. Prune juice is very important since it controls constipation effectively well. You will have to drink enough prune juice when aiming to control constipation in the near future. Bus drivers, bloggers and accountants who sit for hours on a daily basis are likely to encounter constipation problems. Making your ends meet via sitting is not an easy thing at all.

Make sure that you are filling your refrigerator with an awful lot of prune juice. Drinking a glass of prune juice every morning will help you to experience a normal excretion. Usually, drinking enough prune juice allows you to control the way your bowels handle feces. Without prune juice, men and women who fail to remain physically mobile on a daily basis will have to face constipation. Constipation will remain a problem for you if you do not drink prune juice or enough water everyday. Drinking more than 200 mL of Prune juice a day should help you to control constipation.


  • Drink prune juice every night before going to bed. If you wake up early in the morning, you will be able to defecate fully well especially if you drink prune juice at the right time. Drink enough of prune juice every night and morning or else constipation will give you troubles if you do not check it with carefulness.
  • Also, if you do not have access to prune juice. always make sure that you are eating foods which contain an awful lot of fiber.


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