How to Give Yourself to God

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Give yourself to God because He is the creator of heaven and earth. If you are not repenting and seeing God as the one Supreme Being, it is time to do so now. The world is changing and you need to open your eyes so that you can receive the right perception. Giving yourself to God is awfully essential and you need to do that now.

If you want to give yourself to God, then become a Christian so that you can accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Becoming a Christian will give you an ultimate chance give yourself to God so that you can become part of His kingdom. Do not follow Satanism if you want to give yourself to God since it will only lead you to doing awful things in life. Murdering and stealing from your neighbors will not allow you to become a true Christian. The 1000 kingdoms which will be established by the Son of Man will exclude people who do not follow the Ten Commandments? Are you breaking the rules which were given to Moses?


  • Start believing that heaven and earth were created by God. If you become an atheist, you will believe there is no God at all. So, if you are breathing, then why should you believe there is no God? Human beings are breathing because there is a God.
  • Do not let the enemies of God fool you that there is Satan and never the Alpha and the Omega.


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