How to Know God Hates You

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Knowing God hates you is not as difficult as you think since He lives inside you. God knows what you are thinking because he searches your heart and kidney. The fools have failed to read the Bible so they have refused to accept the truth. It is important to know if the creator of heaven and earth hates you or not.

  • You should know that God hates you especially if you are an atheist. God hates all atheists regardless of their statuses in life. If you are an atheist, you have failed to acknowledge the existence of the one Supreme Being who cast Satan to the earth. Make your constant donations to poor people by the Red Cross but you are going to hell if you do not repent of your sins. If you think God does not exist, He is also going to make sure that you don’t exist soon. The lake of fire is what God will use to clear the earth of evil doers. God hates Satanists and their supporters. Nations will be destroyed by God because they have not followed the Ten Commandments. Is your president supporting gay rights?
  • God hates liars, homosexuals, murderers, witchcraft, adulterers, slanderers, boasters, and all wicked people. Not accepting Jesus Christ makes you a wicked person because He died for our sins. If you are wicked, God hates you.


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