How to Die Like Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ died on the cross to wash away our sins. If you want to die like Jesus Christ before making it to heaven, you will have to use the best methods. A few fantastic ways will allow you to behave like Jesus Christ without encountering any difficulties. Of course, many Christians and Jews will have to lose their lives during the Great Tribulation. Only a few Christians will escape death during the Great Tribulation because the Antichrist will be hungry to bury all of us. Do not be scared at all because Jesus Christ, who is our Messiah, will save us from Satan.
Wait for the Antichrist to come and get you so that you can surrender now. Soldiers and militants will probably be the ones who will execute Christians in America during Antichrist’s reign. Are you ready to get your head cut off? The Holy Scriptures are being fulfilled in a rapid manner. Read Revelation 20:4 and dieing in the name of the Lord will not become a problem for you. Watch out for the New World Order. God bless you.


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