How to Find a Police Officer by Name

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Always utilize the right ways for finding information about police officers you know or don’t so that you can avoid getting into trouble. If you wanted to find a police officer by name, you would have to go through some simple processes in order to obtain utterly valid results. There are a few effective ways of finding out some complete details about police officers you want to report to specific departments which employ them to offer them base salary rates. If you are really looking to find a police officer by name, then the efficient tips below should be very important to you.


  • The best way of finding police officers is via recognizing their last names. Police departments which are located in U.S. states like California, New York, Texas, Minnesota, Idaho and Arizona maintain exceptionally large databases which can find active law enforcement officers by either their first or last names. Knowing the last names of female or male cops can give you an opportunity to locate their current whereabouts. Without having access to the last name of a cop, you will possibly fail to locate him.
  • Visit the physical address of departments which employ police officers to patrol unsafe and safe neighborhoods in the United States of America. Essentially, visiting any of the precincts of the NYPD or LAPD will give you a chance to find a police officer by name. If you aren’t a bad criminal the Feds are looking to catch and place under the surveillance of ruthless correctional officers, then you should be confident when looking up a cop. You will be able to find a particular male police officer by calling the department which is likely to employ him. Use the internet to find the web address of a specific police precinct now. It is a fact that many districts maintain virtual information about their police officers publicly.


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