How to Hide Your Money From Governments

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All governments are full of crooks and you should avoid trusting yours unless you don’t want to save some money in the future. Your government is not always going to remain completely trustworthy so make sure that you hide money from it the right way. Hiding money from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can get you in big trouble especially when planning to evade taxes. Americans who used to evade taxes through opening Swiss bank accounts are encountering problems in ducking the IRS since it’s getting smarter than it used to be. Any man who trusts his government is certainly preparing to embrace the ways of Satan. You wouldn’t tolerate your government if its members were occultists, would you? Unluckily, almost all governments which are part of the United Nations maintain criminals as part of their members. It is through governments that many people will lose their souls and enter hell so make sure that you are preparing for the days which are emerging at a very rapid rate. Our world leaders keep asking for a New World Order (NWO) and it looks like the whole world is about to be joined together in the imminent months. You should be planning to hide your money from governments by remaining wise in the near future. Check out the excellent tips below if you want to hide your money from governments without encountering any major problems.


  • It is not easy to hide money from crazy governments which want to enslave human beings and make them their slaves. You are not going to be hiding your money from governments by opening Swiss bank accounts. Look, governments in countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy are all the same because they all are serious about collecting taxes. You are not going to be evading taxes if you use credit cards and maintain active checking accounts which are maintained by banks which are part of the SWIFT network. Your chances of hiding money from your governments will be high if you can avoid using financial institutions in the future. Take notice that all governments in the world are full of criminals who work with banks so there is no way you will be able to maintain a financial account and hide thousands of dollars from governments.
  • Buy an old house which is located in a desolate place. Buying a house that has been built in a very neglected area and hoarding your money inside it will help you to hide your assets from thieves who form into governments to corrupt nations. You don’t need to maintain a checking account before you execute trading activities. It’s a fact that some people are buying and selling in the mean streets of New York but have no bank accounts which allow them to issue petty wire transfers.


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