How to Legally Hide Money From the Government

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Some governments are full of bad individuals and wholly corrupt but others are very positive ones. Not all governments are ran by crooks who are selfish and want to make all the money in this world. Some governments help their citizens and others do nothing for the people they are supposed to protect. If you live in a country where a government can seize your net assets for no tangible reason, then you need to legally hide your money from it. No man or woman should allow a stagnant government to take over his or her properties. If you want to live like a human being, you must not allow your government to control your assets in the future. Basically, here are some clever tips on how to legally hide money from the government of your country.


  • Open a foreign financial account and always save your money offshore. Unfortunately, Switzerland is no longer a safe haven for hoarding money legally or illegally. Just don’t think about applying for any Swiss bank accounts before your government starts a huge scrutiny which will expose your overall net worth to it in the emerging years. Nowadays, the U.S. government can start an investigation which allows it to analyze the financial accounts of its citizens who save their money in Switzerland. You are wasting your time if you want to become a tax evader in the United States of America. European banks are not ideal for legally hiding money from any active government which hates tax evaders. Many U.S. citizens who wanted to become tax evaders so that they could save their money in Switzerland are in trouble because its banks are unable to aid criminals these days.
  • There is no way you will be able to legally hide money from your government unless you are paying taxes on your annual gross income. Start paying taxes and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will not be coming after you with their dangerous men who use shotguns to explain procedures to certain criminals.


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