How to Shoot Better in Football/Soccer

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Do you want to shoot on target like Cristiano Ronaldo or Roberto Carlos while achieving ample accuracy? Having fine legs for belting balls from many yards of soccer fields can be very beneficial when planning to become a striker or midfielder for a professional team in Europe or South America. If you want to shoot better in football or soccer, there are many strategies you will have to remain conversant with unless you do not want to join Real Madrid C.F. or Liverpool F.C. soon. Do you want to shoot better in football or soccer with ample ease? Check out the short steps in this soccer article if you want to execute powerful shots like Marcos Senna or Steven Gerrard.
Mar. 20, 2010 - Madrid, C.A. Madrid, Spain - epa02086895 Real Madrid Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo (L) shoots in presence of Sporting de Gijon Diego Castro (R) during their Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain, on 20 March 2010.


  1. In order to shoot better in football or soccer, you need to practice shooting everyday. You will become an inept striker if you do not practice taking mid-range and long-range shots everyday. Training for hours on a daily basis may help you to shoot with power and accuracy if you are a serious center forward or winger. Obey your coach and take your training sessions seriously.
  2. Always pick your spots like an excellent forward. Find space and target the right areas of soccer fields before unleashing powerful rockets towards goalkeepers. Always avoid getting close to quick defenders.
  3. Play soccer matches with blistering pace if you want to shoot on target like a famous center forward. Slow strikers are unlikely to become powerful marksmen. Are you a quick striker who shoots on target 95% of the time?


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