How to Become a Wanderer

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There is no absolute way you will fail to become a hobo if you plan to do the wrong things in your life for many seasons. Hobos live in North America, Asia or Europe and many of them are completely proud people. In fact, wanderers do not care about pension plans because they don’t have to work for anybody and neither do they care about owning their own businesses. If you become a wanderer, you will never have to worry about buying stocks that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and generating large losses to become a complete loser. A wanderer can be labeled or classified as a bum especially if he fails to remain awfully productive and employed throughout his or her life. Here are some excellent tips on to become a wanderer who has no purpose or objective in life.


  • Stay away from graduating from a brilliant tertiary educational institution if you want to become the biggest wanderer in the world. It’s fair to cite that college graduates are likely to make more money than high school graduates if they obtain engineering degrees. You cannot have a million dollars flashing in your checking account and expect to become a good wanderer. Bums are very poor in New York City and Los Angeles. Hence, stay away from schools at all cost. If you do not become a successful graduate, you will probably become a big wanderer in the upcoming years.
  • If you want to live a derelict lifestyle, you need to avoid making plans to build a very positive future. Homeless people don’t set good goals to become physicians or lawyers in their lives. Of course, you don’t need to have any aim in your life if you are planning to live a stress-free lifestyle soon. Maybe, you should stop thinking about owning a company like Nike or Adidas in the future. Just live a very relaxed lifestyle if you want to become a successful wanderer who owns nothing.


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