3 Ways to Write Division in Mathematics

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There are many different ways of writing division problems in mathematics. If you are a fanatic of mathematics, you must know how to formulate problems which involve divisions. Additions, subtractions, division and multiplication are four powerful mathematical operations. In arithmetic, divisions are as important as multiplication and they all bear common signs or symbols. If you want to write division in mathematics, you must follow the best ways as possible.

  • One easy way of writing division in mathematics is by taking advantage of the sign or symbol “/.” Yes, you may be able to quote math problems involving divisions by writing “two divided by three” as 2/3. Writing 2/3 (two-thirds) which is also tantamount to the decimal figure 0.666666667 may give you a chance to represent it as a fraction. Of course, 2/3 is also a proper fraction. An improper fraction (top-heavy fraction) maintains a high numerator over a low denominator so 6/4 is one.
  • Write a math problem containing a division sign by using an obelus (÷). When you write 5÷4, the result of such a mathematical problem must produce 1.25 which is also the same as 125% (percentage). Of course 125÷100 will give you an answer of approximately 1.25. When the amount of 1.25 is rounded to the fifth, you may be able to derive the inexact number 1.3.
  • You may be able to write tfrac{17}{1} and represent it as a division. Math professors or teachers who see tfrac{17}{1} may recognize it as 17/1, an improper fraction, which yields the whole number 17 as its complete answer. There is no doubt that placing a numerator over a denominator as shown earlier is another error-free way of writing division in mathematics.


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