How to Register a Domain to Keep the Registration Name

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If you register a domain name through the service of a proper registrar, you will probably not lose the registration name to another entity by following the right methods. Some individuals and companies purchase domain names everyday. Most domain names purchased, are used for building websites. There are domain names which have different TLDs so usual registrars allow their registrants to acquire the ones ending with .COM, .NET, .ORG and .INFO details. If you register a domain to keep the registration name, always follow the best practices so as to avoid losing it to another person. Here are some hints to help you to register a domain to keep it active for years as a webmaster who runs a popular internet commerce website.


  • Use the service of a reputable domain name registrar. If you want to register a domain to keep the registration name, do not pick any incompetent registrar to extend yearly payments to. Do business with registrars which know of the policies of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It is true that an organization like ICANN oversees a number of Internet-related tasks which even make the tracking of suspect domain name registrants effectively easy.
  • Take advantage of the mailing settings your domain name registrar offers its customers. You will need to configure your domain name account settings to inform you of expiry dates. Doing this allows you to follow the time frame your domain name is likely to expire without going through any difficulties. If you have ordered your domain name through one of the best registrars in the market, configure your “email settings” to remind you of when it expires by joining it to perhaps your external Gmail or Yahoo Mail account.

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