How to Set a Password On a Blackberry 8830 Device

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Blackberry phones are as similar as the ones made by Nokia and Samsung. If you have a Blackberry 8830 mobile device and you want to set a password on it, this article may help you to do that. So, just take your time to go through the written information I have displayed below if you are planning to set a short password on any Blackberry 8830 computing device.


  • The first thing you will have to do is open the mechanism which allows you to view the “Options” folder if you want to set a password on a Blackberry 8830. Without the Options folder, you may have some problems placing a password on your Blackberry 8830 device. So, observe the screen of your device and select the Options folder.
  • Now, choose “Security Options” if you are serious about setting a password on the device. You will need to do this in order to set a password on the device. So, make the selection.
  • Head to “General Settings” from the menu of the “Security Options.” The General Settings will enable you to lock your Blackberry 8830 device with a password.
  • On the keypad of your device, press “Menu.” You will be given an opportunity to select “Change Password.” Because you are planning to change your password, select Change Password. Insert a new password. Hit the Menu key again and click “Save.” You have placed a password on your Blackberry 8830 device.

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